Upcoming Webinars

Ensure Data Integrity for Your Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are commonly used in support of CGMP operations, subjecting them to FDA’s latest guidance on data integrity. Non-compliant spreadsheets can lead to warning letters and potential regulatory action. This webinar will demonstrate automated tools that can quickly and easily help you comply with the guidance with minimal disruption to your existing processes.

Wednesday, December 12, 11:00AM ET


IntegPro Data Integrity Management Webinar

Data integrity compliance is top of mind for all quality professionals and executives. IntegPro offers you a purpose-built, centralized data integrity auditing system to monitor, track and manage the data integrity compliance status of all systems in your organization.

Learn more about implementing a quick and easy data integrity management process in your organization with role-based actions, reviews and approvals. Cross-references to the FDA guidance, predicate rules and your company’s own guidance allow for easy responses to audit questions. Role-based reports and dashboards help you monitor progress.

Thursday, December 13, 11:00AM ET